Our offices carries 30 years of experience notarizing a large variety of different personal documents. These documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Statutory Declarations
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Notarizations and Attestations of Signatures
  • Execution or Authentications of International Documents
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
  • Authorizations of Minor Child Travel
  • Proof of Identity for Travel Purposes
  • Passport Application Documentation
  • Marine Bills of Sale & Mortgages
  • Marine Protestations
  • Identity Documents Required For Your Notarization Appointment

When you make an appointment for your notarization and Patricia is administering an oath, affirmation or declaration, Patricia must be satisfied as to the identity of the person swearing or affirming the document. Our office will require you to bring in three pieces of identification one of which is a government-issued ID that includes the person’s name, current address, signature and photograph and two other pieces bearing your name and signature. Most clients will bring in their passport, driver’s license and a credit card or health care card. Patricia must also be satisfied that the client making the declaration or oath fully understands the contents of the document before she will complete the notarization of the document.

Call us today at 604.682.8988 for any questions about document notarizations or to make an appointment.