executor services

Your executor is responsible for all aspects of settling your estate. Choosing a notary as your executor means having an experienced, knowledgeable professional to make sure that all of your arrangements are taken care of efficiently.

Your executor can perform some of the following duties:

  • Contacting all beneficiaries and next of kin;
  • Arrangements for disposition of your remains (cremation or burial);
  • Arrangements for funeral, family gathering, or disposal of ashes;
  • Finding a new home for your pets;
  • Contacting financial institutions and all service providers;
  • Removing possessions from your home and preparing it for sale, if applicable;
  • Liquidating your assets;
  • Paying all final bills;
  • Filing tax returns and obtaining a final clearance certificate from Canada Revenue Agency;
  • Distributing the estate

Our office possesses experience and training in estate administration and will help your family manage your estate properly. Choosing a professional to be the executor of your estate avoids the effects of stress at a time of grief, time constraints, lack of business acumen, or physical absence on a proposed executor.

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